From creamy, liqueur-soaked truffles to sublimely nutty pralines, the chocolates in our three introductory assortments represent the very best of the chocolatier's art. Each and every one is a melt-in-the-mouth explosion of bliss.

For just $9.95 we'll send you the introductory selection of your choice plus a FREE Munch & Nibble box with coffee beans and almonds covered in chocolate. That’s a total value of almost $50 — plus you get FREE Shipping!

The Classic Mix
Tasting Selection

A balanced selection of milk, dark and white chocolates rated by our 100,000 members as the very best they have tasted – ranging from creamy, liqueur-soaked truffles to sublimely nutty pralines.

The Elements Alcohol-
Free Tasting Selection

For alcohol-free chocolate excitement, this mix of filled and solid chocolates features melt-away pralines, chocolate batons, slabs of Salted Caramel and Mississippi Mud Pie, and more.

The All-Dark
Tasting Selection

Brace your taste buds for pure cocoa intensity with mouth warming truffles with Ruby Port and Myers Rum, the all-natural fruitiness of raspberries, melt-away pralines, salted caramel and more.

  • 100% natural, authentic ingredients – no artificial nasties
  • Created with passion and flair by master chocolatiers
  • Choose your assortment – Classic, Dark or Alcohol-Free
  • An all-new selection every 4 weeks

If you love receiving our chocolate selections, do nothing. Every 4 weeks we'll send you a new box with an ever-changing, mouth-watering selection to expand your chocolate tasting horizons… plus tasting notes and a scorecard to add your voice into our member ratings. Regular selections cost $39.95 plus shipping & handling but you are under no obligation to receive these and may delay or cancel at any time.

Angus Thirlwell
Club Founder

It all comes down to one simple but endlessly exciting word: passion – mine for demanding fresh, authentic and original chocolates; our chocolatiers for creating true masterpieces; and our members for tasting and rating them.

These 3 unique collections are the delicious result of 13 years of passionate chocolate-making and then tasting and rating by our members. Representing the real crème de la crème, these chocolates have all been voted No.1 in our Tasting Club selections. So I do hope you'll give them, and us, a try. After all it's difficult to imagine that the Club's 100,000 members can be wrong!

Try the Chocolate Tasting Club and receive your first selection of chocolates for only $9.95, 75% off the regular Club price. Plus get a FREE Gift and FREE Shipping!

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Try the No. 1 Selection of our Best Chocolates from the Chocolate Tasting Club and you'll discover why our chocolates are so special and why we have over 100,000 members in our Club.

Order today and receive your first selection of chocolates for only $9.95 with FREE shipping and handling plus receive a Free Gift, the Munch & Nibble chocolate box. You are under no obligation to buy or receive any further selections, you decide after you have sampled the chocolates - just let us know if you don't wish to continue within 10 days of receiving your Introductory Selection.

If you continue and become a member you will get a completely new selection of every four weeks unless for any reason, at any time, you request to suspend your shipments or cancel your membership. All regular selections are $39.95 (plus $8.95 shipping & handling). There is no commitment – you may delay or cancel your shipments whenever you wish. By trying this special introductory offer you are not required to take any minimum number of boxes.

You are entitled to add a second Selection (or just an extra box of the Selection you have chosen) for just $30, a 25% savings off the regular price. If you decide to add a second box you will be charged an extra $30 to your credit card.

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed! If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any selection you receive from us we guarantee to put matters right – replacing or refunding whichever is most appropriate.

Other qualification details and important information: I am over 21 and have read and agree to the terms of membership and understand some chocolates in the Classic and Dark Collections contain alcohol.

Please allow up to 10 days for delivery. Offer only available to addressee. Offer limit: one per household. We reserve the right to request additional information, reject any membership application or cancel any membership. Applicable sales tax will be added to orders from selected states.

*    I am over 21 years of age and I have read and agree to the terms of membership. I understand that some chocolates in the Dark and Classic Selections contain alcohol.

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