Privacy Policy

Tube Shot™ Energy respects your right to privacy! Hence, we offer this Privacy Policy to explain how we use and protect your personal information—plus provide you with options and instructions for controlling its use.

We are committed to protecting your information

Tube Shot™ Energy maintains a wide range of industry-leading technology tools, and administrative and physical safeguards to prevent and protect you against the misappropriation or unauthorized access; and misuse, alteration, destruction or loss of any personal data you provide to us or we collect in the course of business. In addition, we assure the safety of your sending payment card information over the Internet through the use of leading secure sockets layer (SSL) protection.

We do NOT share or sell your personal information

Whatever personal information you provide to us—including your name, address and phone, credit card info—will only be used to inform you of Tube Shot&trade Energy offerings, manage your Tube Shot&tradeEnergy home delivery membership, and process your orders of Tube Shot™ Energy and products. The specific ways we will use this information include:

  • To enroll you in the Tube Shot™ Energy home delivery program
  • To send you Tube Shot™ email newsletters
  • To present you with personalized Tube Shot™ offers via email, postal mail, or telephone
  • To respond to inquiries or questions that you have communicated to us via telephone, email, or through the Contact Us form on our web pages Unlike most other companies, we will not sell or share your personal information with any 3rd party marketers. If there is an offer from an outside company we believe would be of interest to you, we will alert you to it ourselves.

If you purchase Tube Shot™ Energy or enroll in a home delivery program on behalf of a friend or relative—or if you request we send them information on Tube Shot™ Energy —we offer them the same protection of their personal information as we offer you./p>

Information collected online by automated means

We employ online data collection and measurement tools that are accepted as standard online business practice to collect such information as how many people have clicked on our ads, visited our web site, and what web pages they have viewed. This helps us improve our web site and online communications, and enables us to credit affiliated online publishers that place our advertising.

Specific data we collect and automated data collection methods we employ include:

IP Addresses — IP addresses are a unique identifier of a specific Internet connection point. They do not include any personally identifiable information such as name or physical address. In other words, via an IP address, we can tell how many times a visitor from a specific Internet connection point has visited our web site, but not who that person is. This information is most typically used to help improve our web site and help eliminate fraudulent orders.

Web Cookies — Like most web sites today, we use cookies—to identify if you are a new or returning visitor, see which of our web content interests you most, and to help you save time by accessing information that you have previously entered. A simple text string that is transmitted to and stored in the browser history on your hard drive, cookies are not software and thus cannot carry viruses or install malware. Virtually every web browser allows you the options of being notified when a cookie is being placed, preventing cookies from being added, or disabling all cookies entirely. Do note, however, that disabling cookies may also disable certain web features.

Page Tags — Our online ads and certain of our web pages may contain an addendum to the URL address and/or a so-small-as-to-be-invisible graphic image (called a “pixel”) that serve as a web beacon. Page tags allow our affiliated, referring advertising partners to be credited for referring new online visitors or orders to us, and typically record such information as the IP address of the computer that viewed an ad or web page on which the beacon is placed, the date and time that ad or web page was viewed, the web browser used, and information stored in cookies.

Those with whom we must share your information

While we will not share your personal information with 3rd party marketers, there are some situations in which we may be required to share your information with companies or entities outside of Tube Shot™. These include:

Service providers or vendors acting on Tube Shot™’s behalf — We do employ the services of some outside companies to conduct our business and may share information with them so they may perform those services on our behalf. Do, however, note — these service providers are expressly prohibited from using your information in any way except to perform their duties for you on Tube Shot™’s behalf or to comply with legal requirements or law enforcement.

Legal authorities — We will provide information about you to law enforcement officials or other legally entitled government authorities when prevailing law compels us to do so, or if we believe such disclosure is required to aid in the investigation of suspected illegal activity or prevent physical or financial harm to others.

Future corporate owners — In the event that we sell (or otherwise transfer) all or a portion of our business and/or assets, we will most likely be required to furnish our customers’ personal information to the new owners. Should this occur, we will employ reasonable efforts to assure that your information is used in the spirit and for the purposes it was provided, with the same protections outlined within this Privacy Policy.

We support your right to control your information

You may contact us by mailing at the address listed at the end of this notice, in order to:

  • Update your personal information
  • Change your preferences for energy selections or shipping intervals
  • Communicate your preferences for how we contact you and/or instruct us which communication methods you wish us not to use

We can only be responsible for our own website

This Privacy Policy applies to our own Tube Shot™ site and business practices only. We have no control over and can make no claims to what others do — so surf with caution. And this holds true in the event that we provide links to other websites operating outside and independently of Tube Shot™ to serve as a convenience or source of information to you. We cannot claim responsibility for their content or privacy practices, and urge you to use common sense and discretion, and view their privacy policies if you feel that it is a concern.

Our privacy policy is subject to change

The terms outlined in this Privacy Policy are subject to change, and may be updated or modified without prior notice. Should any revisions occur, we will indicate that fact by updating the published date at the top of this notice.

Contact us

Have any questions, comments, or concerns about our Privacy Policy? Or, would you like to update your information or preferences? Then please contact us by mail, using the contact info below:

Tube Shot™ Energy
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